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Watch out – new trends! January 20, 2009

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Since I want to be a product manager, I thought about finding blogs that deal with product trends.

http://trendwatching.com/trends/halfdozentrends2009/ is a very useful webpage for people who are interested in latest trends, product innovations and marketing.

You can find articles and tips about consumer trends that you can also download as PDF file. Moreover the “2009 Trend Report” is available. If you are interested you can purchase the full report for 599€.



The customer is the key to success January 7, 2009

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user-drivenInvolving customers – a new concept?

http://www.userdriven.org/ is a blog that is about product management involving the end-user. At a first glance I thought that the concept of user-driven product development is nothing new. But we have to take a closer look to see how innovative it is.


New ways to get feedback from your target group

Nowadays consumers have more possibilities to give feedback about products they use. Thanks to the Internet, consumer can share their comments on products, contact the producer easily online or simply dial special telephone numbers that are indicated on the product packaging. The provided opinions can help producers to rework their products. (more…)

I want to be a Product Manager January 7, 2009

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I knew that I want to work in the marketing sector since I was in high school. But my interest for product management came up during my internship in 2007.


The blog http://allaboutproductmanagement.blogspot.com/ gives advice on various aspects of Product Management and Product Development including also career tips. Even if the author addresses mainly Hardware, Software, Online, IT and Technical Product Managers, I think that the posts are also relevant for product managers (PM) in general. And I will tell you why. (more…)

The answer is marketing January 7, 2009

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harvard-expert2This Harvard Business Blog by John Quelch deals with marketing and its effects on various areas of life.

Mr. Quelch is an expert in his field. What I like the most about his posts is that he doesn’t talk about funny ads and the latest product launches. Instead of presenting marketing only as a tool for companies to promote their products, he relates marketing to other topics such as the presidential election or the financial crisis. (more…)

Searching for blogs January 6, 2009

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bild1 Several weeks ago my best friend told me that he loves reading blogs. Actually, he’s looking for interesting people or people who write about their lives and experiences in an interesting way. As I find it hard to find “good” blogs, I thought  it would be nice if he helps me out by giving me the links of his favorite blogs. He did and actually I like the blogs. Unfortunately they are mainly in German.

Therefore I wanted to find some interesting English blogs about ballet and jazz dance. First I found blogs where people are talking about the technique and how to improve one’s dance style. I realized that this was not what I searched for. Then I found http://atimetodance.wordpress.com/. It seems to me that Maria, the author, relates their interest in dancing to other topics. And that’s what I like 🙂 The links are just great (my favorite deals about “Scrubs”) and I can’t wait to read more. (more…)