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Searching for blogs January 6, 2009

Posted by kstrehober in What I like besides marketing.

bild1 Several weeks ago my best friend told me that he loves reading blogs. Actually, he’s looking for interesting people or people who write about their lives and experiences in an interesting way. As I find it hard to find “good” blogs, I thought  it would be nice if he helps me out by giving me the links of his favorite blogs. He did and actually I like the blogs. Unfortunately they are mainly in German.

Therefore I wanted to find some interesting English blogs about ballet and jazz dance. First I found blogs where people are talking about the technique and how to improve one’s dance style. I realized that this was not what I searched for. Then I found http://atimetodance.wordpress.com/. It seems to me that Maria, the author, relates their interest in dancing to other topics. And that’s what I like 🙂 The links are just great (my favorite deals about “Scrubs”) and I can’t wait to read more.

To conclude, it can take time to find good articles, blogs and so on. But if you have found an interesting text, something about your passion, it was definitely worth the time you spent to find it!



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