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I want to be a Product Manager January 7, 2009

Posted by kstrehober in product management.
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I knew that I want to work in the marketing sector since I was in high school. But my interest for product management came up during my internship in 2007.


The blog http://allaboutproductmanagement.blogspot.com/ gives advice on various aspects of Product Management and Product Development including also career tips. Even if the author addresses mainly Hardware, Software, Online, IT and Technical Product Managers, I think that the posts are also relevant for product managers (PM) in general. And I will tell you why.

The latest blog post deals with the book “The art of product management” by Rich Mironov, who has been writing the Product Bytes newsletter on product management, technology and start-ups since 2002. Certainly there is a strong connection with technical products. The book is however relevant for PM’s in general. In my opinion every PM is involved in the whole process of a product’s development. The product can be more or less technological; still the PM is implicated from the conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. That is why a PM should always get along with his engineers. 🙂

Where does a PM stand in a company?

Nevertheless a PM’s role depends on the company. He often represents the connection between the marketing department and the engineering teams. Therefore he has to link technical aspects with marketing and communication. That’s what’s so interesting about this job. The tasks are various and the PM is involved in a product’s creation from A to Z.

Where will I stand?

Finally, the blog’s author gives career advice for future PM’s. In his opinion PM’s should apply horizontal success. That means he is no longer satisfied with promotion. He wants to take more responsibilities, master a wider range of products and so on.

Candidates shouldn’t give the impression that they only want to climb the corporate ladder but persuade the interviewer that they add value to the company.



1. Euphorion - January 17, 2009

Hi Katarina,

What a great blog entry. Good work. I must admit that I’m not neutral regarding this topic.
I also worked as Product Manager during my internship at Smartbox / Weekendesk in Paris and this was an overwhelming experience. My team and me we were in charge of an product from A to Z. The Smartboxes (TM) were our little babies and they still are.
From my point of you that’s a feeling you only get while working as PM.
Another point I would like to mention here is that a good PM is not only the “link […] [between] marketing and communication” but it is also the link between marketing, sales and finance. So generally speaking a good PM should know almost everything about the company he is working in. He is some kind of ALLROUNDER.
Would you agree to this statement:
The product manager has to know more about a company and its products than the CEO. And in most cases that’s how it works in a company.
What about that? Waiting for your comment on my blog!!!

Kind regards,


P.S. Continue your tremendous blog. Keep up that good work.

2. leneberlin - January 20, 2009

I completely agree with Euphorion.
This is a great post. Well written, informative, clear and nutural.
In addition to this, I also have a peronnal interest in this topic because I am also very interested in the field of Product Management. One reason for this is that this position links many different domains of a company. And you outlined this very well in your post.

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