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The answer is marketing January 7, 2009

Posted by kstrehober in marketing.
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harvard-expert2This Harvard Business Blog by John Quelch deals with marketing and its effects on various areas of life.

Mr. Quelch is an expert in his field. What I like the most about his posts is that he doesn’t talk about funny ads and the latest product launches. Instead of presenting marketing only as a tool for companies to promote their products, he relates marketing to other topics such as the presidential election or the financial crisis.


Marketing is mean

For instance he acknowledges that marketers are partly responsible for the financial crisis:

A barrage of commercial advertising encourages people to focus on the acquisition and consumption of goods, to be consumers first and citizens second.

He criticizes marketers for encouraging consumption even if people can’t afford it. A higher level of marketing leads to higher consumption. If people consume more than they can afford, they buy on credit. But at a certain point of time they aren’t able to pay back the loan. That’s what happenend with the subprime credits.


The American Dream

In his opinion, the American Dream should be redefined. People related life, liberty and happiness to consumption of goods, which is a wrong conclusion. In my opinion marketing can be very manipulative but you should never go beyond the pale.



But this blog is not only about denounciation. Mr. Quelch gives constantly advices for professionals and people who are interested in marketing. Furthermore he analyses different business cases and provides solutions at the same time. Therefore one can learn a lot by reading his posts. 



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