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Watch out – new trends! January 20, 2009

Posted by kstrehober in product management.
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Since I want to be a product manager, I thought about finding blogs that deal with product trends.

http://trendwatching.com/trends/halfdozentrends2009/ is a very useful webpage for people who are interested in latest trends, product innovations and marketing.

You can find articles and tips about consumer trends that you can also download as PDF file. Moreover the “2009 Trend Report” is available. If you are interested you can purchase the full report for 599€.


Consumer trends for 2009

bild-1I strongly recommend their listing of 2009 consumer trends “Half a dozen consumer trends for 2009”.

First the titles of the trends are creative and describe each trend very concisely.

Furthermore I like the way the author presents the different trends. The articles are very well structured and easy to read due to subtitles and enumerations.

Internet feedback is changing

I especially like trend no.3 “FEEDBACK 3.0”. In the first part of the article, the author explains how feedback developed during the last years. In the first place, people were posting reviews, feedback and complaints, which was helpful for other consumer but remained ignored and unexploited by companies. Currently, we are in the FEEDBACK 2.0 decade. Consumers sharing their opinions and experiences, but there is not yet conversation between corporations and consumers. Nevertheless companies pay attention to these reviews in order to learn from customers.

But why do they not reply? I totally agree with the author when he notices that a “quick and honest reply or solution can defuse even the most damaging complaint”.

And that’s what FEEDBACK 3.0 is about! Companies could join the conversation by posting solutions alongside customer reviews. The same works for inaccurate reviews where companies are able to disprove complaints.

In order to support his ideas the author uses examples and links in the second part of his article. 

Bad times for corporations, so ask customers for help!

Finally, the author offers criticism because companies could try to “prove” with all kinds of material that complaints were unfair. Still, I believe that companies need to “prevent” reviews by providing solutions and better performance.

In addition, even these days, corporations ask customer for help. In my opinion companies are exploiting user suggestions and ideas. The author states that companies are desperately seeking for feedback in bad times. This is not the right reason! Since brands neglected customers before, people have become indifferent. 



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