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About me


Hello! My name is Katarina Strehober.

Every day when I walk down the streets, I look at the posters and the huge outdoor advertising on the buildings. Then I imagine how I would have done these ads when I would have been responsible for marketing in these companies. Actually, I even want to go further. Products and their packaging always fascinated me. I want to create and develop new products. That is why I am interested in product management.

In 2002, I graduated in Berlin with a German and a French High school diploma. My majors were Mathematics and French. One year later, I did a dual apprenticeship in Marketing and Communication in an advertising agency called MEGA KOMBI, which enabled me to gain my first professional marketing experiences. But I decided to learn more about Economics and Marketing while reintegrating my French school career. Therefore I began my studies in International Management in 2005. I enrolled the Franco-German program at the Berlin School of Economics in cooperation with the ESCE in Paris with nine other German students and ten French people. This allows me to gain intercultural experiences and to learn about different ways of working. Last year I did an internship as assistant product manager in Bordeaux in a French cosmetic company called Simone Mahler. I was mainly responsible for the implementation of the marketing plan and the creation of advertising. I liked the combination of goal-oriented and creative tasks for instance while I was developing product packaging and organising consumer promotion. This experience confirmed my interest in product management. Hence, my majors are marketing and finance.

But I am glad to do sports as an equaliser. Since I am a little child I like music and dancing. That is why I joined the dance class of the “Friedrichstadtpalast”, the biggest revue theatre in Europe, when I was 6 years old. I did ballet as well as jazz dance and our dance group performed regularly on stage in front of 2,000 people. Therefore I am familiar with teamwork and discipline. I continued ballet during my studies and I joined currently a latin jazz class because I wanted to learn something new. Maybe we will perform sometime on stage, which I can hardly wait. Generally speaking I am a very adventuresome and sporting person and I like all kinds of music. That is why I love to go to concerts to hear good music and dance.




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